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We also back up all our cable descrambler boxes with a 1year parts and labor warranty. If your cable descrambler box fails to operate within the 1 year just send it back to us and we will repair it for no charge. If the unit can not be repaired we will send you a new one at no extra cost. Our radar jammers and index detectors come with hi a 3year manufacturer''s warranty. technical support, although the installation of cable descrambler boxes is usually simple, should you run into any problems, call us we have a staff of experienced technical support specialist that are ready to assist you with any questions or installation instructions you may need. fast delivery, we ship all of fi our products 2nd day air with either or . if you need even faster shipping we can ship overnight for an extra charge. please call and ask a sales rep for details.

17. what if my cable company upgrades or changes to a different cable converter? all cable companies eventually upgrade-as technology progresses and new sources become available older equipment becomes obsolete. index the fact is that cable companies do not change quickly or often. it is a huge expense for cable company to swap out all of its customers cable converters hi and replace them with brand new ones and upgrade the system to support the new scrambling methods. it usually takes a cable company a year or longer to complete an upgrade. most cable companies upgrade every 10-15 years. we allow previous customers to trade in their old converters fi that they purchased from us for credit towards new equipment, providing that it is in good working condition. 18. what is the difference between filtering and scrambling?

they should provide two-piece systems, refurbished ran baseband boxes in conjunction with the latest tech versions. of course, you get what you pay for. but there are reasonable values out there. 3. do you need a cable converter if you have the cable company box, vcr or a cable-ready tv?yes you do. in order to establish a non- addressable system, it is essential to have a cable converter. a cable ready tv, vcr and a cable company box do not provide for this feature and in not doing so, cannot replace a cable converter. you must have a converter to use a descrambler. this is especially true if you desire a converter / descrambler that cannot be altered or addressed electronics by hi your cable company.

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